General Purpose Polyurethane Foam

Dr. Fix Polyurethane Foam is designed to deliver superior performance in general-purpose insulation and sealing applications. It is a single-component, polyurethane-based material that cures with the moisture in the air, serving as a filling and insulation material.

Dr. Fix polyurethane foam, our current product, is a next-generation foam with controlled expansion.
Available in both conventional and high-expansion versions, according to demand. can be produced.

Application Areas

Used in the installation and insulation of door and window frames.
For the insulation of electrical installations, hot and cold water pipes.
In filling large voids,
As a general-purpose filling, bonding, and insulation material.
For sealing all openings in roof constructions.


Brick, concrete, plaster, wood, metals, styrofoam, hard PVC, and solid PUR.


Use in all four seasons (Additionally, a winter foam version is available).
Multipurpose and easy to use
Excellent adhesion
High filling capacity.
Does not shrink.
High thermal and acoustic insulation value.


600 GR, 850 GR, 1000 GR
Box: 12 pieces
Pallet: 120 boxes

Yield: 20-32 L (ASTM C1536) for 600GR, 8 meter metric yield
             Yield: 30-45 L (ASTM C1536) for 850GR, 11 meter metric yield.
             Yield: 65 L for 1000GR.

Shipping Temperature:
< -20°C: 4 days
-19°C to -10°C: 7 days
-9°C to 0°C: 10 days