Phosphorescent Colors

Dr.Fix Phosphorescent Colors Spray Paints are solvent-based, universal paints made with modified acrylic resin.
Designed for use in a wide variety of applications, it comes with an extensive range of colors.
It is used in areas such as machines, spare parts, hobbies and crafts, bicycles, automobiles, etc.

It has excellent coverage properties for decorative processes in both indoor and outdoor settings.
It adheres well to many surfaces.
It can be applied on wood, metal, paper, ceramic, glass, concrete, natural stone, paintable hard plastics, as well as many textile products and clothing.
It is highly resistant to weather conditions and UV radiation.
It is resistant to scratches, shocks, and impacts.
It does not run or drip and dries quickly.
Phosphorescent Colors can be applied to create a fluorescent glow effect and are often preferred for hobby purposes. They are especially popular in crafts, artistic projects, and decorative applications where a striking visual impact is desired.